Masters at University of Cambridge

I am Homertonian of class of 2006 and I enjoyed my 2.5 years studying at the college, going to university library and attending seminars at different colleges.

Cambridge education teaches you to be resilient, rigorous, perfectionist and strong.

Even with my late onset disability, I never give up, I am always finding new solutions to every problem I encounter. In order to put to use my skills and abilities, I have started making ‘teaching worksheets’ that busy teachers can download from  for a fee and use.

I am not charging a lot for my handouts – I consider it a service to mankind – to give you an example my handout priced at £1.00 has been downloaded at 25 times in various parts of the world since has an international platform.

My first Essay at Cambridge was - Is Critical Pedagogy for me? - A critical evaluation of some central themes in Critical Pedagogy  - I got B+, so it is in Homerton College library and it is a good read if you are interested in critical pedagogy…